Black Bird Tea Room - Testimonials, teahouse, tea, drinks, Phoenix, Arizona

The best teas and coffees here. Although previously, they offer only a variety of tea to their customers, they decided to add coffee now to the list of products they offer. I especially love their cappuccino because the flavor is really good. Add that to the red velvet cake and you are already good to go. But hey, you need to really have a taste of the cakes they give here especially those gourmet ones. Those are one of a kind and never seen before from other bakeshops and coffee shops. They really know how to set the standards in serving tea. Plus, the additional knowledge equipped in their services is really exceptional. – @Gracie

This is the best teahouse/coffee house I’ve been so far. The interior alone is already very beautiful. It is the first time I have seen such a legitimately vintage interior. It gives an impression of the place being well thought of and being planned thoroughly. I attended one of the tea ceremonies here and so far it was really good. They give you a thorough overview of the history that you can even imagine yourself being a part of it from a long time ago. One thing that retained to my mind are the stories that were told by the owner herself. She’ such a darling to speak to. She’s very entertaining and knowledgeable that when you talk to her, you cannot help but not notice how time flies swiftly. Come to this place soon and fall in love yourself at the cakes, teas, and coffees that they offer. – @Megan

The teahouse is unreal. I have never seen anything like it before. It is perfect in its every corner so it is really a good experience coming here. Been to this place with my business partners and we all enjoyed it. Kudos to the people who thought of the concept. This is really a good place. – @Max