This Frequently Asked Questions page is specially made for guests who come to the site. This is where we have collected all the common questions being asked from us on a regular basis. In that way, guests can know more about the teahouse and this website easier and more conveniently. This can serve as your guide in knowing more about our place. Just in case your questions have not been addressed yet, we highly encourage you to send us an email today. Our contact details can be found at our Contact Us page.

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Q. Do we need a reservation or can we just walk in as your customer?
A. You can do both. But for assurance that you can have a seat when you decide to come to our restaurant, we highly encourage you to just book a reservation today. In that way, there will be no long waiting time for you. We also advise you to book a reservation as early as possible. This is because of the large number of guests who come to our place on a regular basis.
Q. How to book a reservation?
A. There are three ways to book a reservation in our teahouse. One of which is to click the ‘Book Now’ tab on this page. That will immediately direct you to the booking page. There you can choose for the time of the reservation and the number of people who will be needing a seat. You can also book by sending us an email at the contact details you will find at our Contact Us page. Lastly, you can engage with our customer service representatives via live chat. Any of these three ways, you will receive a confirmation email for a successful booking within 10 minutes of the transaction. This confirmation email is the one you are going to present to the teahouse as proof of your booking.