About Us

Black Bird Tea Room - teahouse, tea, drinks, Phoenix, Arizona

Black Bird Tea Room is a teahouse that can be found in Phoenix, Arizona. This has been creating news all over the state ever since the time it started five years ago. It is unlike any other coffee shops and teahouse that you have seen before. This is because it features different tea customs and ceremonies that not only you can learn about but can participate in yourself. Many tea enthusiasts have been in this place ever since it was established and so far, they have only good things to say about our place of business. In fact, our previous customers had been the reason why we have easily become well known not only in the state of Arizona but all over the country. Our teahouse now is sought after by both tourists and locals alike. We have even received various recognitions, commendations, and awards from various award-winning bodies because of our good service. So, if you haven’t been yet to our place, then you should come now.

Black Bird Tea Room was established in 2012. This was started by a tea enthusiast herself – Marilyn Costanes. She has been very obsessed when it comes to the tea culture. She even studied many of them for many years. Before opening the store, she made it a point to experience it firsthand so that she knows the experience she’s offering to the customers before she even started. She traveled far and wide, just so she can make this happen. You can personally know her when you choose to come to this place anytime. One thing that can be described to Costanes is that she is very hands-on when it comes to her craft. Learn about her own experiences about tea ceremonies when you choose to come to our teahouse today. Come to this place now and enjoy what we have to offer. We promise you no regrets.